Lichee Toys - Adventure Tree House with Accessories

Made from sustainable & recycled timber & felt

62 x 40 x 75 cm

8 kg

Imagination and creativity develop in a childs early years. This then sets them up as they grow into adults. It is so important for children to play with simple and unsophisticated toys so this develops.

Includes: ladders assorted x 4, single chairs x 4, gnomes x 4, rocking chair x 1, pulleys assorted x 4, beds x 2, fridge x 1, stove x 1, swing x 1, chest of draws x 1, tree branch x 1, screws x 4, alum key x 1, platforms x 4

Assembly: base boards connect with dowels, platforms attach with screws & dowel, treebranch connects with screw, pulleys & swing connects with dowels

Some variations may occur

Ages 3 & up

Adventure Tree House

AU$271.00 Regular Price
AU$160.50Sale Price

Handmade wooden toys made from recycled fruit tree branches with smooth finish. 


Children should play using their imagination which is an important part of their early development. Lichee Toys are designed for children to express themselves.

Lichee Toys provide children with a wide range of play activities and learning skills.

Creativity and imagination leads to dramatic, symbolic, emotional, social and parallel play.

Stories can be created which encourages language and discussion which leads to participation and co-operation.  Children engage in play because its enjoyable and fun. 


Lichee Toy treehouses provide a unique learning experience. Our treehouses encourage creative play expanding into dramatic play. Parts are moveable and can be extended for children to create their own story scenario


Our pictures are a guide only. All items are handmade therefore some variations will occur.


A percentage of all sales go to help and support Stars of Vietnam who care for, and educate children affected by Agent Orange.

lichee toys
lichee toys
lichee toys