written and performed by Kelly Auty and Lainie Auty 2017


Look at us we're KOJI TOYS

Handmade with love for girls and boys

We can fit right in your pocket

You can take us where-ever you go

My name is USAGI I'm a bunny

Gentle, shy and considered funny

I've been taken all over the place

Every creature knows my face

I run away at the first signs of trouble

In a race I'll arrive on the double

If you can catch me I'm good for a cuddle

My brain is often in a muddle

I am RAION lion of the jungle

You can hear my warning rumble

You can tell what mood I'm in

Whether I'm yawning or causing a din

Energetic, free and wild

Was that a growl or did I smile?

I don't like to run for miles

I'm the king, it's not my style

My name is PENGIN out-going but shy

Even though I'm a little guy

I can dance and sing and shout

It's not easy to figure me out

We penguins waddle and slip and slide

On icebergs and snow when it's cold outside

On the beach and in the ocean tides

We play and swim to our delight

My name is KIRIN, known for my grace

Confidence and beautiful face

I'm so tall, the tallest of all

Head and shoulders above the wall

I gallop along through life with ease

I have a taste for quality trees

My sense of humor is legendary

Im a giraffe, you can't miss me

Hello I'm SARU, monkey to you

I like practical jokes and I'm curious too

Clever, mischievous and brave

Is it naughty to show off every day?

My patience is tested if life goes too slow

I look for new fun where ever I go

I'll make you laugh with the games I knw

And inspire you with my funny show

My name is PANDA tranquil and strong

I can lounge about all day long

My eyes are encircled all in black

Don't ask me the time, I lose track

I know whats happening around me

Even though I seem at peace

I set my personal boundaries 

Sometimes you have to leave me be